RSW II in Pics

good morning Twirlies!! Trust you’re week is going superbly! Finally getting a chance to show you lovelies how RSW II went.  It was AWESOME! Started at 10:02am with a few early birds. Knocked off the butterflies and broke the ice with introduction of the Purple Twirl team and attendants.  Everyone had to introduce their name with an adjective that described them AND try to remember the previous two peoples names & adjectives (a little something I learnt from Naa Oyoo. Check out her award winning blog). So yeah! That was fun!

Then we went straight to the details.  I talked about how to keep organized from planning to execution, making the most of your vendors, creating a timeline for your event and the almighty guest list, floor plans and seating charts, all interspersed with presentations from Decor Talk, Talata Celebrations, Gnalet Navigation Systems, Makeup by the Duchess, Contours – Makeup by Valerie Lawson, Oneshot, Onefotos and Rebekah Opuni. Whoo! What a list!! 😅

Anyhoo! The session was quite interactive which I loooved and had two Purple Twirl couples and a Purple Twirl bride come and share their Purple Twirl Experience. It was fun. You missed out. 😝 So  while you wait for the next RSW, enjoy the photos.. xo 😊




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