Hi beautifuls!!! (And handsomes) 😊 How’s everyone doing?!! Good week so far?  I’m not doing too badly keeping this blog alive eh? (If I do say so myself! Hehehe).

Okay so I’ve put up a new video blog on our YouTube channel and Facebook page as well, recapping the events of the RSW 2 event AND giving an opportunity to couples or brides who couldn’t make the event to win one of five RSW wedding planning workbooks.

All you have to do is comment and let us know why you want the book or why you should win one and we’ll randomly select the 5 winners next Tuesday, 26th May 2015.  View the video blog here …BUT FIRST!!! Let’s know what you think about our blog and/or posts by commenting below…pleeeease 😁comment comment comment! Thank you!! 💃🏾👯🙌🏾👏🏾😁


2 thoughts on “RSW II RECAP VIDEO BLOG

  1. Hello…i want a workbook cos I was at the event bt didnt benefit much cos I only got there after the break…i totally forgot to come for de workbook after the show like u asked us to, cos I was talking wt de vendors….plssss….i need one of the workbooks…thnx

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