The RSW Event!

First of all, we’d like to thank those who came for the Ready, Set, Wed Event this Saturday.  It was very nice meeting new people and seeing old faces.  Your presence is much appreciated.  And now to those who totally missed out on some FREE amazing expert advice and tricks on planning your wedding, (including those who registered and didn’t show! tsk tsk) here’s a summary of the happenings of the event.

As you might know, the event took place at the conference hall at the AGA Guesthouse at Ridge in Accra. Seating was arranged to create a more intimate, less formal feel to encourage interaction. (Please, give props to our very able camera phone for these lovely pictures.  You may compare the photos to those taken with those from a Nikon D800 if you wish. lol!)


The session started at exactly 11:00am with an introduction of the Purple Twirl team and participants and a short introduction of Purple Twirl.  Then we launched into a very engaging session about the wedding planning process.  We discussed why you need a wedding planner, SOME reasons were::

  1. Your planner can deal with family as a neutral person.  So I can tell your auntie’s cousin’s brother’s wife, who so desperately wants to bake your wedding cake for you and you know you don’t want her to because you tasted a cake she baked and hated it, that she cannot bake the cake, because we already contracted someone else for the job.  Yes, call me the bad person, I will be your bad person. Gladly.
  2. I have your best interest at heart.  You want one Maid of Honor.  Your friends want to be bridesmaids. I come in, friends, i have a job for you on the wedding day!! You’re in charge of the bubbles and the party poppers! Make sure everyone gets one and blows and pops as the couple walks into the reception.  They will take the job and do it like their lives depend on it.  And you will have your one MOH. Everyone’s happy.
  3. I do lots of weddings.  You get married once.  The vendors can do a crappy job and get away with it.  But they have to impress me.  Hehehehe.

Although there was a section for the Q&A, the whole session was interspersed with some very good Q’s & A’s! And a lot of possible dilemmas were also averted!

Now, we also discussed the do’s and dont’s with each vendor.  Questions to ask, what to look out for, what to do before, during and after the wedding. Wow, thats a lot of information! For example, having a budget for your wedding is very important and can save you money.  So set a full budget, categorize and plan how much you want to spend on each item.  Also have a “budget” and “actual cost” column on a spreadsheet.  So if you budget GHC1800 for your dress and the actual cost is GHC1500.  Then yay! You saved GHC300 which you can use to supplement the cost of your wedding bands which was GHC300 over budget! You can control your spending.

With the photo and video vendors, for example, it’s very important to READ the details in the contract and be clear on everything before signing it.  If you have a surprise for your new hubby, or vice versa, during the event, notify the photographers & videographers before the event and tell them at which point it’ll happen. This way, they are prepared and not at the other end of the room and miss the opportunity to capture the moment.

How to handle and deal with musicians, dj’s, MC’s, venue, hair & makeup artists, decorators, caterers, cake designers, waiters, THE DRESS, licenses, the guest list, wedding party, wedding favours, and so on were all discussed.  Yes, you missed out on a lot.

Oh  i almost forgot!! We had some yummy homemade oatmeal and shortbread cookies, kind courtesy Heavenly Bites with some juices and water for participants.  Everyone had a name tag and paper & pens were made available for those who needed to jot down notes.


The session which was meant to end at 1pm went on until after 2pm since there were more questions to be answered.  We also had some free makeup advice and tips from the lovely Evita Joseph. Even I learned a lot about makeup!!

So there we have it!!! A summary of the happenings of our very first session of Ready…Set…Wed!  We will definitely plan another session in the future and by all means, will let you know the details before and after the event.  Thanks for reading! xo