Introducing TWIRLY TUESDAYS!!…on a Friday.


Hi lovely people!!! I am so excited to introduce you all to our new Twirly Tuesday Blogs!!!  So here’s what’s gonna happen.  Every Tuesday, (as much as possible), our Purple Twirl blog will feature a blog post or article from anyone who wants to write one!!  (Of course it’ll have to be Twirl Worthy)

Now, let me tell you guys about our first post.  It’s from a really good friend, our business consultant and a Recruitment & HR professional extraordinaire, Aba!  I tell you no lie…she is good at what she does.  My lovely & talented PA, Nana Adwoa, is a product of a grueling interviewing and recruitment processes designed by Aba.  The HR people call it an “assessment centre”. 

Anyways, so as part of the recruitment, Aba had to experience the role she was recruiting for.  That meant she had to play my PA for a day.  Reading her experience from her perspective was both insightful and funny!  I’ll give you a sneak peak.  Until then, you’ll have to wait for Twirly Tuesday!!!!

Aba writes: “After two slips into sleep and several “relax, I am here for you’s”, I finally heard Abokuma cheerfully assure the bride that everything was in the hotel room where we left them. I mentally shook my head in exasperation and slipped into a near coma only to be prodded awake  at 6am. I am not a morning person and today was no different…I was murderous.”  Read Part 1 of her experience on Twirly Tuesday!

On that note, anyone who wants to feature on Twirly Tuesday is hereby invited to submit their articles.  Kindly send them to