Twirly Tuesday: My Day as a Wedding Planner (Part 2)

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So as promised, this is part 2 of last weeks post. Again it’s written by Aba, a friend & HR & Recruitment professional who had to walk a day in my shoes as a wedding planner to help her design a recruitment thingy for a PA for me. If you missed out on part one, no worries! Please read it here. So here we go!:

“Roles change: Abok grabbed my hand and we half-jogged to the bar. Her bubbly personality lighted the place up as she joked with the men and shared a laugh. I laughed nervously along, glancing at my time and trying to remain calm. I knew I was required to laugh and chat but I could not help wondering if my partner was losing it. What Abok was trying to achieve only hit me when I saw all four of us standing in front of the guests, getting the groom seated. She had calmed the men and maneuvered them in place without anyone getting drunk. She winked at the groom, telling him his bride was looking smashing and would walk down the aisle in five minutes. As we walked away towards the waiting bride, Abok whispered, “No one is getting drunk under my watch. It’s a special day and he is going to do this sober”. It was 12:55pm when the bride started walking down the aisle and the priest smiled appreciatively at us over the heads of the guests as he asked the couple to step forward at 1.00pm. We had made time and I was doing a mental jig.

Going the extra mile: We finally had some time to relax before the reception began and it was pure bliss. Our bliss was cut short in ten minutes when the waiters complained they were hungry and wanted to eat before the ceremony started. That would not have been a problem if they had food. They were looking at us “to give them this day their daily bread”. I could not believe what I was hearing but Abok had it covered. She was aware this could happen and had organized kenkey on stand-by.

“Thou shall not kill”: We had barely sorted the waiters out when I noticed a determined lady instructing some guys to lift a canopy. I walked over and realized it was the sister of the groom. She had noticed the sun’s glare had shifted and felt the guests needed extra cover. So she was organizing canopies to be moved from the reception area to where the ceremony was. With 15 minutes to end of the ceremony I knew that was irrelevant and could delay the reception when the canopies had to be moved back. I tried to explain to her but she was adamant. I could see my hands wrapping around her neck but alas if wishes were horses… I turned to Abok and she smilingly told the lady to go on and enjoy her brother’s special day. We would handle it. She told the waiters to start serving water to the guests while asking those affected to move to the reception area if they wanted. They could still hear the ceremony over the speakers and have shade. It was that simple and a life had been saved!

Perform miracles: The incident with the sister-in-law sent another wave of panic through me; the canopies were not enough to protect the guests if it rained. I mentioned it to Abok and her voice went quiet as she told me, “I prayed, we will be fine”. I was speechless till she immediately beamed and told me she had actually helped the couple choose the venue because there was a air-conditioned hall only 50 meters away which had been cleaned up for a weather emergency. I wanted to glare at her for the near-heart attack but I was too impressed with the thoroughness of her planning ahead to be irked.

Be attentive till the end: The reception pretty much went on smoothly but there were things that made a difference. We had to put the couples’ friends in charge of directing the guests to the food tables to ensure order. We had to find out where the parents of the couple were seated and move them closer to the couple and make them feel special with dedicated waiters. We had to be on the alert to ensure no one went close to the couples’ table for anything. They were to enjoy each other; we were to solve all problems. We had to convince irate family members that the food was for guests and not for dinner during the week.

Learn to focus on success: It was all’s well that ends well. With blisters on my soles, itching shoulders from sun burn and aching feet from endlessly walking to and fro, I learnt what it meant to succeed. The contentment of a smiling bride and a thankful groom professing his undying love for the team was worth all the pain. They were happy and I was happy.

The end has an end too: the guests had left and the couple had been whisked away to their honeymoon suite but we still had so much to do. There were tables to be cleared and packed away. Everyone one was tired but it had to be done. Close supervision was very important at this time as people were looking for ways to abscond from their duties. It was also time to finalize payment plans for the waiters and the owners of the venue. Adequate storage had to be found for the décor and furniture which could only be picked up the next day. We did make it home after 8pm and my bed had never looked so appealing till that day. I relived the day and made notes for recruiting a
Personal Assistant for Abokuma; the reason I needed to walk in her shoes. I knew whoever got the job had a lot to contend with. The person would have to have passion and drive, be able to perform miracles and have a level of patience beyond human understanding. Event Planning required an inner super-human strength drawn from love for the job.
At 9pm when we were finally winding down in semi-consciousness on our beds, I turned to Abok and calmly informed her “Abok I don’t think event planning is for me”. She gently chuckled and in a half whisper told me “I love what I do, you will need to love it as much”.”

The end. 😊

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