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Hiya Twirly Birdies! Hope everyone’s having a fantastic weekend!  I’ve been meaning to write this post for ages now and I’m finally getting to it today!  Whoop whoop!lol.  This one’s for those looking to have their wedding or event outdoors, within Accra.  As mentioned in our previous post, location is one of the first and most important items to check off your to-do list, and is the most tedious.  Purple Twirl’s here to ease your stress with pleasure.

There are the popular outdoor venues in Accra; Jandel’s Event Haven, the Unique Floral Centre and a lot of the hotels such as La Palm Royal Beach Hotel, La Badi Beach Hotel, Golden Tulip Hotel, Movenpick Ambassador Hotel and the list is endless.  But I’d like to write more about the lesser known venues and the up & coming ones.  So clickity click, here we go:

Villa V upgraded and can now cater for 300-400 guests comfortably in their new lawn space. They also have some pretty decent accommodation for purples and/guests willing to sleep over and their staff are quite friendly! Location: Main Westlands Road, West Legon.

One of Accra’s best kept secrets, located in Adenta.  This venue gives a variety of options for your event in one place and you’re spoiled for choice with tonnes of backdrops to choose from for your wedding photos.

Cleaver House is located on the busy Barnes Road, between the Tigo and Databank Head Offices, but once you enter their gates, you might as well be outside Accra.  It’s clean with a large lawn which allows room for a lot of manipulation (music to the the decorators ears).  They have an in-house kitchen and their packages come with catering and drink services, as well as rentals.

Tesano Royale Hotel is conveniently located in Tesano with very well manicured lawns, perfect for that outdoor event.  Apart from the large space which can cater for a large number of guests, you can take advantage of the hotels rooms and suites for your wedding party, out-of-town guests or just to relax before or after the event.  You’re wedding photographs will be thankful to this venue.

One word…SPACE…lot’s of it.  It has a massive lawn that goes on forever!  They also offer unique decorating concepts for their clients and are located in East Legon, close to the tunnel.

Yiri Lodge is tucked inside the University of Ghana campus, Legon.  The massive lawn can take a large number and conveniently has accommodation within the yard for guests or bridal party to stay or to change.

Timora Gardens has a homey feel to it.  It’s perfect for that intimate event feel and is located off the Adenta Aburi highway few metres from the Engen garage. Check them out!

So there we have it!  Feel free to share other venues that haven’t been mentioned on here.  Fellow Twirlies would be most grateful.   Always waiting to hear from you.  Have a blessed evening! xo

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Updated 12.09.17


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Meanwhile, we’ll leave you with a few photos we love from one of our favourite wedding planning experiences.  Photography by Jesse Giles Photography

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