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Hiiiiii beautifuls!! 🤗🤗🤗  Okay, so, no long talk. Let’s just pretend this is a blog for annual posts shall we? **huuuuge grin 😬😁…and now, straight to our first (fingers crossed not the last) “annual blog post”, it’s Ready…Set…Plan!! Whoop whoop.  … Continue reading

Love – Beach – Wedding: Caroline & Amit

3 words to describe this wedding!! Intimate, fun, unique!! Amit & Caroline were so easy to work with and they deserved every single amazing minute of their beautiful beach wedding at Labadi Beach Hotel. More photos from their wedding on our facebook page. Enjoy!! xo Continue reading

Culture Blend (Ghana/Naija)

You’ve gotta love the love-hate relationship between Ghana and Nigeria (especially when it comes to football), but it was all love yesterday when a Nigerian and Ghanaian family came together as one at their children’s traditional marriage. The culture blend was just splendidly beautiful to say the least!

I love African culture. The combination of guests in the rich kente, aso oke, lace, agbada and white embroidered kaftan totally brought out a burst of color to the event. So excited to see how the photos will turn out!

My favorite part was the Yoruba traditional ceremony, of course, where the woman was officially handed over to the mans family. So meaningful! (Apparently it wasn’t even “a big deal” since the bride wasn’t the one leaving the family).  You can read more about Yoruba Traditional Marriages from previous Twirly Tuesday posts here and here. 🙂

So! Any Yoruba/Nigerian brides up for a Purple Twirl planning? Anyone? Can’t wait to do the next one! xo



I love DIY projects! This particular one was inspired by my lovely and talented assistant Nana Adjoa. The original idea for this baby shower guest book was to cut out the stars and paste them into a book for guests to sign. Now the question was where to get, not just any book, but one that would go with the blue themed shower AND induce the “awww” factor! Obviously our options were limited and this idea just popped into my head and they turned out so lovely!!! Try your hands at it! They’re easy to do once you follow these steps. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Cardboard ( in your preferred color(s))
  • A pair of scissors
  • Glue gun/glue
  • Ribbon (preferably 5-8mm wide)
  • Pencil or pen
  • Ruler (or stencil)


1. Trace or draw out the star on the cardboard and cut it out with the scissors.. You can choose another shape if you please. As long as it makes you happy :).


2. Cut out about 2.5 inches of the ribbon and glue its two edges together to form a loop. This is what is used to hang the stars.



3. Glue the edge of the loop to one tip of the star using the glue gun



4. Cut off about 5 inches of ribbon and make a bow tie with it. If you’re not sure how to go about it, here’s a pretty simple video showing how it can be done.


5. Finally, glue the middle of the bow tie to the end of the loop on the star to finish up your star and voila! You’re done!


What we did for the baby shower was hang the stars up before guests arrived. Each guest got to write messages for baby, mummy-to-be and/or daddy-to-be on a star and hang it back up so it was on display throughout the event. At the end of the shower, all the stars were collected and stringed together through the loops with a ribbon and presented to mummy-to-be! What a great keepsake!

If you want a more polished look (or your hands just can’t seem to get it right. :D), you can have professional card makers such as Talata Celebrations or Goddy Creative Barn have them made. BTW, they make some amazing wedding stationery as well!

If you would like to use this guest book idea for a wedding, you can leave a star(or which ever shape you choose) at each guests seat and provide a customized pen for them to write with, which can double as a wedding favour! Score!


Welcome to our blog!

We are super excited about this new outlet to reach out to you! We’re more than excited to share our works, opinions, ideas, pictures and EVERYTHING to do with the Purple Twirl wedding and event planning experience.  We hope we’re able to inspire you on our blog and that you find the most fabulous ideas for your wedding or event on here.  Don’t hesitate to comment or contact us on any blog post or pictures.  If you have any questions as well, email us on or call us on +233 (0) 20 833 7877 or click on the “contact” tab to find our more ways to stay in touch!

Meanwhile, we’ll leave you with a few photos we love from one of our favourite wedding planning experiences.  Photography by Jesse Giles Photography

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