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Culture Blend (Ghana/Naija)

You’ve gotta love the love-hate relationship between Ghana and Nigeria (especially when it comes to football), but it was all love yesterday when a Nigerian and Ghanaian family came together as one at their children’s traditional marriage. The culture blend was just splendidly beautiful to say the least!

I love African culture. The combination of guests in the rich kente, aso oke, lace, agbada and white embroidered kaftan totally brought out a burst of color to the event. So excited to see how the photos will turn out!

My favorite part was the Yoruba traditional ceremony, of course, where the woman was officially handed over to the mans family. So meaningful! (Apparently it wasn’t even “a big deal” since the bride wasn’t the one leaving the family).  You can read more about Yoruba Traditional Marriages from previous Twirly Tuesday posts here and here. 🙂

So! Any Yoruba/Nigerian brides up for a Purple Twirl planning? Anyone? Can’t wait to do the next one! xo

Around the World in Three Weddings

Today is Efua’s Twirly Tuesday everyone!!  She’s a young, smart, vibrant student at the University of Ghana who went on exchange for a year abroad and took the opportunity to explore our little world and she came up with this for Purple Twirl’s Twirly Tuesday post! Exciting!  Plus! She’s and excellent writer and poet.  Follow her blog From a Beautiful Mind…..and she writes…

“What is it about marriage that gives a bride a heart-warming radiance; makes a groom beam with pride; coaxes the sun sparkle brighter than usual and presents every one of the guests a warm glow? Perhaps it is the fact that two people on entirely different paths found each other along the way and somehow managed to find common grounds enough to decide to spend the rest of their lives together, or maybe it’s just that the sun shone brighter during the weddings I’ve been to.

Every marriage bears a significant mark that sets it apart from others, a specific emblem that makes each one entirely different and places it on a pedestal completely different from one another.

One warm exceptionally beautiful day in Scotland, two people decided to get married; it was a simple wedding with family members and a few close-knit friends, and in its simplicity, one could have mistaken it to be a normal wedding, but just when the wedding vows were being exchanged and everyone was thinking: “what a simple nice wedding,” they heard the hoots of an owl and as everyone turned towards the sound, two great owls swooped down bearing the wedding rings and as these trained owls took their places and handed over the rings, this unique event caused an excited stir in all the guests.

In France, two lovely young people chose a cool spring morning to exchange their vows, and as everyone gazed at the couple with warm and gentle smiles, they remarked on the extraordinary details; particularly noting how the parents of the couple were adorned with the same colours and designs. Nothing about this seemed extraordinary until it was found out that the dressing was never planned, and they were at liberty to wear whatever colours or designs they wanted. And oh yes! It was it was a military wedding, and nothing quite beats a row of handsome young men dressed in military uniforms at a wedding.

Everything seemed quite ordinary at this Ghanaian wedding, after the blessing and the vows, the guests headed off to the reception but as I said, there is always that one thing. This time it wasn’t until after the church blessing that we realized that the reception was at the beach side, and when the bride decided to go barefooted on the cool grainy sand and the children run around without shoes on the sandy shores, photography time became a real treat. Let’s face it, when the bride decides to let go, everyone wants to go barefooted too. After all those wedding heels are murderous!

I have realized that even the colours of a wedding makes can make an impression, whether it’s fuchsia and orange or pink and white, or whether one decides to go with silver and green, each combination of colour creates an ambiance that is matchless. What makes Ghanaian weddings unique are colours and ambiance. As the Europeans go for a more laid back use of colour, Ghanaians pride themselves with exceptional combinations of colours to create a kaleidoscope of beauty and excitement. And of course there is the ambiance, each wedding, well almost, produces a joyful ambiance that radiates and causes smiles all around. However, with the excited chatter, questionable dance moves, cultural tones and the unmatched Ghanaian amazing sense of humour, and this is not biased, I have to say Ghanaian weddings make a mark that stay in your heart forever and leave you wanting for more.

But as Gene Perret put it: “We have the greatest pre-nuptial agreement in the world.  It’s called love.”  And so whether it is an owl swooping down with the wedding rings, or an uncanny coincidence at a military wedding, or an elaborate exciting wedding; whether in Africa, in Europe, in Australia, or even on the moon; it all comes down to the fact that two people who love each other have decided to commit their marriage to God and live together always. And in the end it’s never really about the wedding, but it is about how the marriage will survive and manage to find light even in the deepest obscurity. A wise man, that Perret, but of all the weddings I have been to, it is the occasion that makes lasting memories for everyone present. The thing is that, quietly lurking in the background as though not present but invisibly holding the threads of the wedding together is a wedding planner. Who is usually going through silent torture only to make sure that everything goes as planned and the couple has the perfect wedding they have always wanted.”

Lovely piece isn’t it?! Send your blog post in.  It could be about aaaaaanything, as long as you want to share with us.  We’re waiting to read from you 🙂  Send in your blogs to and thank you for reading once again.  xo



“i don’t know where to start!!”, “What should i do first?!”, “I am so confused!”. Many brides-to-be reading this can relate to at least one of these statements! I get frantic calls from lovely brides to be all the time asking where to start the planning process. Relax…Breathe…and read on…

  1. The NUMBERS – It is very important to decide first the number of people you want to invite to your event as this sets the tone for everything else in the planning process, particularly the budget. Make a list of people you want to invite and BE REALISTIC about it. Your best friend from nursery school whom you haven’t heard from in 10 years does NOT have to be on your list. If you won’t be offended if they don’t invite you to their wedding, then think twice before putting ’em on your list.
  2. Budget – This can be a tad difficult to do, but t is doable. Prepare a budget on an excel spreadsheet by first listing every element of your wedding. Put down anything and everything at all that comes to mind. The cost of food, rings, hair pins, drinks, décor, MC, transportation, photography, EVERYTHING. Make a rough estimate of how much you’re willing to spend on each item on the list. Please be realistic and don’t make the common mistake of pricing a champagne reception on a beer budget.
  3. Decide whether or not you would engage the services of a wedding planning professional – Rely on a wedding planner, not because you cannot do it alone but because you risk to get too tired, too worried or be nervous without a reason before such an important day. Plus, you take all the decisions but leave the implementation to someone else. If you’re not engaging the services of a planner, make sure you have only one person you can trust in charge of your event. With your direction, this person can delegate all the different elements of the wedding to other people. This way there is cohesion and flow of the event is better managed. Be sure to keep your “person” in the loop at all times during the planning process. He/she must know every detail of the wedding so they can execute your vision while you sit and look pretty with your new hubby on your wedding day.
  4. Execution – Budget in hand, go-to-person by your side, take one item on your budget list at a time and execute completely before going to the next item. For example, if photography is number one on your list, look at many photographer options and decide on one which suits your budget and your taste. Meet with the photographer, discuss all the details, book your date, make a deposit, close the photography chapter and move on to the next item on your list. Depending on how much time you have to plan, assign deadlines for each item on your list to be completed.

And there you have it!! Get to planning…or contact us. Image

We’ll gladly take up your wedding planning stress 🙂