Keepsake Boxes

Hi Lovely People!!! Time to clean up the cobwebs on this blog. Apologies for the loooong silence!

So! Today, I’m going to talk about keepsake boxes. You know that should’ve, could’ve, would’ve moment after a wedding, party, engagement, baby shower or any such event.  The one that you hit yourself for not keeping a souvenir for yourself, or an invitation card so you can ooh and aah over it ten years later and show to your great grand kids.  Having a keepsake box saves you those moments.  As you go along the planning process, drop all knick knacks and tchotchkes into the box.  Anything at all.  The first pin that was used during your bridal gown fitting, a piece of fabric from the bridesmaids dresses, your videographers contract, napkin rings, babies first booties, the options are limitless.

If you can get yourself one of these fancy shmancy boxes, thats good on you!!! (We’d be grateful you shared with us where in Ghana you got yours)


If you’re not able to get one ready made from a shop, our local carpenters are pretty amazing and you can have them make something simple for you.  Contact us if you would like recommendation for a carpenter. 



Personalize it by gluing, sticking, writing, painting, coloring or dipping it in paint if you wish. 🙂 

Finally, the simplest and least expensive keepsake box one can find…the shoe box. 


With these, as well, you can personalize it however you wish! Glue pictures on it or newspapers, wrap it with wrapping paper, put a ribbon on it or simply just glue a memorable picture or invitation on the top!




Ever faithful Google, thank you for all the pictures. xo 🙂