Twirly Tuesday: My Day as a Wedding Planner(part 1)

Good morning beautiful people! As promised, this is our first post for Twirly Tuesday! Whoop whoop! As I mentioned, it is written by Aba, a friend and HR Professional who had to work on site with me as a PA in order to design an interviewing structure and assessment centre for that position. Happy reading 😊


“I groaned as I heard Abok’s phone ring. I had only managed to sleep after midnight and I was not looking forward to my sleep being interrupted. I heard Abok’s groggy voice transform into a gentle, clear soothing voice as she spoke to the caller. I peeked at the time through my eyes, which were determined to only stay open at a centimeter-wide, and realized it was 4am. I did not have to wonder too long about who was calling. It was the bride. I had no idea what she could possibly want when we had just left her four hours ago and she had specifically told us she was very comfortable. I only heard half the conversation which seemed to focus on a missing item which could range from the groom to the wedding veil. After two slips into sleep and several “relax, I am here for you’s”, I finally heard Abok cheerfully assure the bride that everything was in the hotel room where we left them. I mentally shook my head in exasperation and slipped into a near coma only to be prodded awake at 6am. I am not a morning person and today was no different…I was murderous.
That was only the beginning to my day as a wedding planner and I was still clueless about how it was going to end.
At 6.40, we walked into the venue for the wedding and my lessons began:

Do not panic; ever! When we got to the entrance of the venue, I saw Abok’s eyes taking in the scene and she was not happy. The lawns were scattered with cut pieces of cut ribbons and the tables were not set up. My eyes widened in panic as I realized the amount of cleaning up the decorators had left behind and the fact that the waiters scheduled to arrive at 6am were no where to be found. I looked at Abok in confusion as she seemed to be very calm. She told me panic would not help anything; we needed a solution.

Initiative: Without words we both started setting up the tables and furiously picking up the trash as we went along.

Firmness: Abok paused at interim to call the waiters and decorators to find out how close they were to the venue. Firmly explaining to them, any mess that came from their end would be to their detriment. This calm and cheerful boss of mine was dead serious and I worked faster without being told twice. I had a glimpse of the future at that point and realized fun was definitely over.

Leadership and team work: Within an hour everyone had arrived and I had to apportion duties to everyone while Abok scrutinized the final details of the décor. My patience was tested when I had to deal with a headwaiter adept at his job and did not want to be told how to do it. However, at that point, experience was irrelevant; prioritizing reigned. I decided to use my best strategy for getting work done: listen attentively and commend the suggestions but still tell the person to do what to be done now-suggestions could be used later. Fortunately it worked! As I walked away from glares digging into my back, I mentally sank to my knees in relief because any resistance at that point could waste the time we did not have.

Attention to detail: I had taken a break from what I as doing to ask Abok a question when I spotted her bent over some chairs with determination written all over her features. As I approached her, I noticed she was slanting all the wedding programmes which had already been placed on the chairs. I teased her that she may have some perfectionist issues but as I stood back and looked at her efforts I was astounded. She had been aligning the programmes with the direction of the chairs and that little extra detail added to the professionalism of the décor. Abok laughed at my astonishment and shouted across the lawn, “Isn’t it amazing how little touches can transform the décor?!” I could only nod in agreement.

Time consciousness: At 12noon when the guests started arriving, everything was set up, the waiters were dressing up and Abok was already on the phone checking how close the priest was to the venue. At 12: 45 the guests were seated and the bride was waiting outside in the car. I remember the priest suggesting the wedding started earlier as everyone was ready. That seemed like a good suggestion till I saw the groom at the bar. The poor guy was panicking and needed a drink. His best man was failing miserably at reassuring him and was eagerly looking forward to a drink too.”


Okeydoks twirtly birdies. It’s quite a long post so I put it in two parts. If you enjoyed reading this, look out for the second part on the next edition ooooooffff….TWIRLY TUESDAAAAY!!😃 Have a fab rest of week everyone!!