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Around the World in Three Weddings

Today is Efua’s Twirly Tuesday everyone!!  She’s a young, smart, vibrant student at the University of Ghana who went on exchange for a year abroad and took the opportunity to explore our little world and she came up with this for Purple Twirl’s Twirly Tuesday post! Exciting!  Plus! She’s and excellent writer and poet.  Follow her blog From a Beautiful Mind…..and she writes…

“What is it about marriage that gives a bride a heart-warming radiance; makes a groom beam with pride; coaxes the sun sparkle brighter than usual and presents every one of the guests a warm glow? Perhaps it is the fact that two people on entirely different paths found each other along the way and somehow managed to find common grounds enough to decide to spend the rest of their lives together, or maybe it’s just that the sun shone brighter during the weddings I’ve been to.

Every marriage bears a significant mark that sets it apart from others, a specific emblem that makes each one entirely different and places it on a pedestal completely different from one another.

One warm exceptionally beautiful day in Scotland, two people decided to get married; it was a simple wedding with family members and a few close-knit friends, and in its simplicity, one could have mistaken it to be a normal wedding, but just when the wedding vows were being exchanged and everyone was thinking: “what a simple nice wedding,” they heard the hoots of an owl and as everyone turned towards the sound, two great owls swooped down bearing the wedding rings and as these trained owls took their places and handed over the rings, this unique event caused an excited stir in all the guests.

In France, two lovely young people chose a cool spring morning to exchange their vows, and as everyone gazed at the couple with warm and gentle smiles, they remarked on the extraordinary details; particularly noting how the parents of the couple were adorned with the same colours and designs. Nothing about this seemed extraordinary until it was found out that the dressing was never planned, and they were at liberty to wear whatever colours or designs they wanted. And oh yes! It was it was a military wedding, and nothing quite beats a row of handsome young men dressed in military uniforms at a wedding.

Everything seemed quite ordinary at this Ghanaian wedding, after the blessing and the vows, the guests headed off to the reception but as I said, there is always that one thing. This time it wasn’t until after the church blessing that we realized that the reception was at the beach side, and when the bride decided to go barefooted on the cool grainy sand and the children run around without shoes on the sandy shores, photography time became a real treat. Let’s face it, when the bride decides to let go, everyone wants to go barefooted too. After all those wedding heels are murderous!

I have realized that even the colours of a wedding makes can make an impression, whether it’s fuchsia and orange or pink and white, or whether one decides to go with silver and green, each combination of colour creates an ambiance that is matchless. What makes Ghanaian weddings unique are colours and ambiance. As the Europeans go for a more laid back use of colour, Ghanaians pride themselves with exceptional combinations of colours to create a kaleidoscope of beauty and excitement. And of course there is the ambiance, each wedding, well almost, produces a joyful ambiance that radiates and causes smiles all around. However, with the excited chatter, questionable dance moves, cultural tones and the unmatched Ghanaian amazing sense of humour, and this is not biased, I have to say Ghanaian weddings make a mark that stay in your heart forever and leave you wanting for more.

But as Gene Perret put it: “We have the greatest pre-nuptial agreement in the world.  It’s called love.”  And so whether it is an owl swooping down with the wedding rings, or an uncanny coincidence at a military wedding, or an elaborate exciting wedding; whether in Africa, in Europe, in Australia, or even on the moon; it all comes down to the fact that two people who love each other have decided to commit their marriage to God and live together always. And in the end it’s never really about the wedding, but it is about how the marriage will survive and manage to find light even in the deepest obscurity. A wise man, that Perret, but of all the weddings I have been to, it is the occasion that makes lasting memories for everyone present. The thing is that, quietly lurking in the background as though not present but invisibly holding the threads of the wedding together is a wedding planner. Who is usually going through silent torture only to make sure that everything goes as planned and the couple has the perfect wedding they have always wanted.”

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Twirly Tuesday: The Colour Purple

It’s Tuuuuesdaaaay!!!  Happy Tuesday everyone and welcome to  Twirly Tuesday.  Today’s post is written by Debbie, one of our favourite event decor vendors and it’s about The Colour Purple.  She’s the brain behind Think Mahogany & Mahogany Events by Debra-Jane and her fun & bubbly personality exudes in this post.  Happy reading 🙂


“With more than two weeks notice and me promising without hesitation to contribute to the famous “Twirly Tuesday”, here I am with my piece….The Colour Purple.

I asked Abokuma “what  am I supposed to write about?  And she replied “anything you like”.  First thing that crossed my mind was “Desserts! Serving desserts at Ghanaian weddings”.  I started going through my folders of all the nice desserts I have taken photos off.  Just as I began to write my blog post, I thought to myself, “hang on! Why not Purple for Purple Twirl’s Twirly Tuesday?”  By the way, Tuesday is my favorite day of the week!

So talking about Purple, I asked her why she named her company “The Purple Twirl” and she said “It is because purple is a colour that represents royalty and she wants her clients to feel like royalty”. As one of her vendors, I sure do feel like royalty too J


So I went to do a little research on the colour purple and found out that it has been associated with royalty, mystery, wisdom and magic for centuries.  Purple is made up of equal amounts of red and blue, my favorite colours, imagining my royal blue BMW 5 Series and my Red Jaguar XJ and remembering my red bedroom and blue bathroom.  Keyword “imagining” but I hope I can one day say it was all a dream until….

Red is considered the warmest color while blue is the coolest and together they create a perfect color.  Light purple and dark purple have different meanings. While light purple gives off romantic feelings, a deep dark purple can create sadness. Purple robes are associated with royalty while the darkest purples are associated with funerals and death. Still a bright purple can reflect fun, playfulness and excitement to a child, while lavender can give a feeling of calmness and peacefulness. Purple in its many tones can set the stage for many moods. 


In fact, Queen Elizabeth I forbad anyone except close members of the royal family to wear Purple because of its association with Royalty, Power and Wealth. Purple’s elite status stems from the rarity and cost of the dye originally used to produce it. Purple fabric used to be so outrageously expensive that only rulers could afford it. The dye initially used to make purple came from the Phoenician trading city of Tyre, which is now in modern-day Lebanon. Fabric traders obtained the dye from a small mollusk that was only found in the Tyre region of the Mediterranean Sea.

Most of the Ghanaian Traditional Engagements and Weddings I have styled which have had a combination of purple have been Purple and Lilac with Silver, Purple and White with Gold and Purple and Fuchsia with either Gold or Silver.  I have always wondered why Gold or Silver always has a role to play in colour combinations.  Maybe my next blog for Twirly Tuesday should be “Why Gold or Silver”.


I asked Miss Purple Twirl herself if she considered any other name and she said “Purple Ribbon because ribbons feature in every wedding”.   Only a wedding planner exceptional will note that J I tried to play smart and asked what her wedding colours would be but of course, she is too smart to not figure that out so she said “I have no idea” which is in other words, “I don’t wish to disclose that information” but I can assure you that if she goes for Purple, it will be Purple with Orange, Purple with Emerald Green or Purple with Mustard Gold which goes very well with white she adds.

By the way, did you know that British Prime Minister David Cameron is popular for his purple tie?  Purple has become a well-liked color for the neckties of world leaders; it is less aggressive than red, but more active than blue.  The Purple Heart is awarded to U.S. soldiers who are wounded or killed in action.  Purple eye shadow is intended to create the illusion of depth and to attract attention to the eyes.


Purple is certainly an appealing colour and if you consider using it for your wedding, remember to pick the right shades and blends.  The shades that will interpret peaceful romance and fun!  But beyond its worth as a colour, Purple has meaning.  Telling you all that I know now about that colour purple which turns events into lifetime memories reminds me of a film that I once loved and haven’t watched in at least 8 years.  Perhaps tonight, I will spoil myself to some movie time but without the popcorn and coke.  Critics have said the movie was called The Colour Purple, which came from a discussion between the characters Celie and Shug about faith, describing what God does to please people.  Shug says, “I think it pisses God off if you walk by the color purple in a field somewhere and don’t notice it.” After Celie asks what God does in response to this obliviousness. Shug replies that He creates something else people will see, because God just wants to be loved. The discussion leads to the rekindling of Celie’s faith, despite years of abuse and neglect.


Enjoy your Twirly Tuesday.

Warm Regards,


 Thanks Debbie for this fab post.  Please visit her facebook page here for more about Think Mahogany.  Hope you all enjoyed the post and come by again soon.  Anyone who wants to send in their post should kindly email it to info@thepurpletwirl.com.  Have a blessed rest of week everyone!! xo

Twirly Tuesday: From office day chic to the evening glam diva

Ohmgosh!! You guys! Tuesday almost slipped by and i almost forgot today’s Twirly Tuesday Post!!! (The days are just flying by!!!) Okay, here we go.  Today’s post is from Maames.  She’s a fab Hair Stylist and Makeup artist who’s worked with a lot of Accra’s finest and some fabulous Purple Twirl brides as well.  She’s a ball of energy and you can NEVER get bored around this one.  Enjoy this post she’s written about switching up your makeup from daytime to nighttime.

“Come 5 o’clock, you will not have much time between that rush hour traffic and getting home just in time, to freshen up for that much anticipated night out – so a quick but simple change is what is going to take you from day to night.

Let your hair down and add some loose waves using your curlers or tongs or simply scoop your hair up and secure with bobby pins for that sexy effortless messy look.


Nothing blends or warms your skin better than using your fingers. Using the tip of your ring or middle finger, apply some concealer – preferably one shade lighter that your skin tone – under your eye area. Be sure to blend it in well into the surrounding skin. This will brighten and remove those “bags” we definitely don’t want.

Still using your finger tips, to avoid “caking – on”, smooth a thin layer of foundation over your face. Concentrating on the “T -zone” , the nose and mouth area, blend the foundation into the rest of your face and the jawline area.

Using your powder brush, apply enough pressed powder, over your face blending into the jawline and neck to set the foundation. Wow the crowd with your fresh luminous skin, by dabbing a bit of shimmer along your brow bone, cheekbones and the inner corner of your eyes. Contour your face by dusting some bronzer over the temple and under the cheekbones.


Ladies, sharpen up because this look requires you to get arty and quirky with Kohl. To help your liner stay put, powder lids or use a neutral shadow pre-liner. A dry surface gives liner something to stick to and prolong its staying power. Shade a third of your upper eye lid with a black Kohl eyeliner pencil. Line the bottom lid and with your fingertips create the smudged-in effect at the corners.

Using your eye shadow brush, go over the black liner on your top lid with a similar dark / charcoal eye shadow. Next, use a lighter shade of the black or charcoal eyeliner just above the shaded bit and blend into the rest of your eye lid making it heavier in the corners of your eye socket. Use a highlighter just under the arch of your brow. Let your smokey eye pop by using a colourful eye dust in the inner corners of your eye and finish it off with a good mascara.


Lips are always left till last, as they are often the area that can tip the whole look from glam to OTT. If you darken the eyes, play it safe with a subtle lip or for some colour, and that perfect pout, first go over the edge of the lip with some foundation, then sweep over powder, helps the colour last longer.”

And here are some more pics of her work for you (because you love pics so much!) 🙂




If you want more info from Maames, visit her facebook page here or call her on 0235606010

Photo Credits:  Capture Your Memory Bank, Kofi Photography, Nicki Photography and Rodney Quarcoo Visuals