Q’s for your Caterer

You all agree with me that food is major part of any wedding or event. Most people go with their event caterers “by default”. If its not held in a hotel or similar establishment where catering is included in the package, it’s mummy’s friends catering co. or grandpas nephews daughters best friends’. So to set your mind at ease with your default caterer (and to the lucky few who get choose their caterer) ask these questions before your event:

-1- Does the caterer specialize in a certain type of food or foods. If you love your jollof and that has to be on point, you probably wouldn’t want them to say atseke as their specialty. If beef sautée isn’t your preference, to hear them answer banku and okro stew will be music to your ears.

-2- Do they provide plates, glasses, table cloths and cutlery. It always works out cheaper if your caterer provides these BUT you won’t always be lucky. Ask further what kind of plates and cutlery (unless you don’t mind plastic plates and forks for your guests) and if possible, ask to see samples especially of the tablecloths. They may be stained, too big or small, not the right shape for your tables or just not the right color for your event.

-3- Do they provide catering or waiting staff. Most caterers will come with their staff and their job is only to serve the food and nothing more. You can make arrangement for them to serve drinks and other waiting duties but I would highly recommend professional waiters for that. Not only do they do a way better job, they also usually help with setup and cleanup at no extra cost.
Also ask what attire they will have on on your event date if this is important to you. Multicolored uncoordinated clothing behind the buffet table just doesn’t look right. You could even make personalized shirts for them in your wedding colors! Sweet!

-3- Will the caterer be willing to cut up and serve the wedding cake. Technically it’s not part of their job, but they’re likely to not turn you down if you ask. Who doesn’t like cutting cake?!

-4- Can the caterer arrange for tasting of foods before the event. You don’t want any surprises on your wedding day. Trust your palate.

-5- How many buffet setups will the caterer require. This is one of the most important questions to ask. Some caterers do not have the staff or the items to set up for more than 2 buffet setups. But you know the long queues for food that everyone hates? 2 buffet setups for a large event will not suffice! 3 minimum for 300+ guests. More tables, shorter queues.

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