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Hiiiiii beautifuls!! 🤗🤗🤗  Okay, so, no long talk. Let’s just pretend this is a blog for annual posts shall we? **huuuuge grin 😬😁…and now, straight to our first (fingers crossed not the last) “annual blog post”, it’s Ready…Set…Plan!! Whoop whoop.  … Continue reading

#MrandMrsFB – Our “Love Me” Couple

#MrandMrsFB, Anne & Charles are one of my faaaaavourite couples and their wedding was so much fun to plan and execute! It was such a joy to see them enjoy the day with people who truly loved them! Enjoy the photos 🙂 Continue reading

Love – Beach – Wedding: Caroline & Amit

3 words to describe this wedding!! Intimate, fun, unique!! Amit & Caroline were so easy to work with and they deserved every single amazing minute of their beautiful beach wedding at Labadi Beach Hotel. More photos from their wedding on our facebook page. Enjoy!! xo Continue reading

Twirly Tuesday: Bridal Shower Ideas

Good day Twirly Birdies! Twirly Tuesday’s back! Yipeeee!  We have an interesting post today from a pleasant young lady called Angela Sarpong.  She’s a freelance journalist and currently works for local and international blogs and websites, writing articles on various topics! How cool is that?!  Enjoy this piece from Angela on wedding/bridal shower ideas:

One of the best parts of a wedding surely is the bridal shower, which can turn into an unforgettable moment of friendship and amusement. If you are the one organising it, it’s your chance to show the bride how much you love her and how much she means to you. Indeed, the aim of a wedding shower is to make the bride feel like the star of the night. Now, the question is: how do you make a wedding shower an unforgettable and special one? Don’t panic, here are some ideas for you!

  • Rent a fancy holiday home somewhere nice where you can organise an amazing party for the bride to be. Make sure to get in touch with her high school, work, and family members, etc. so the surprise is extra special! It could be on the seaside, so that you can have a beach party, with special dances on the shore, or a fabulous night celebration under the stars, sipping some bubbly stuff and celebrating away. You could light some big candles and torches, so the atmosphere will be even more magical.


  • If the bride is more of a city party kind of woman, forget about the holiday home and go straight for a club in the heart of the city. Rent it out, or book the privé lounge just for you and your friends and get ready to party like real VIPs. Ask the deejay to play all the bride’s favourite hits and to make a public dedication to her on your behalf. If you want to make it really huge, get to the club on board a limo.  You can rent one and go pick up the bride with it, surprising her and making her feel like a real star since the very beginning of the night.


  • Another super-fun thing to do is to give a theme for the night. You can pick whichever one you think the bride will appreciate the most, from Hollywood and Movie Stars, to colours, or flowers. A great one is the Coco Chanel theme. Inspire yourself to the colours, lines and style of one of the most fashionable and charismatic women ever. Fill the room with pink roses, use a black and white colour code and go as much French as possible. A nice thing you could do is to give a flacon of Chanel Nº5 to each guest at the beginning of the night.


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Have you read our fun post from last week on Event Planning: Fact or Fiction yet?!  Read it here for a chance to win a FREE consultation over lunch! (or Skype).  xo

Win a Free Consultation! Event Planning: Fact or Fiction

Hello Twirly Birdies!  I know…it’s been too long! I really appreciate all of you who keep coming back, inquiring and writing articles for our blog. We love you 🙂 xo.  I’m going to add a little bit of fun to today’s post, maybe even a tad bit of a competition.  Let’s see how it goes.  But before then, let me fill you in a bit on a few happenings with The Twirl Team!  We have a new addition to the team. Yaaay!  Everyone say a virtual hello to Phyllis 🙂  Let’s have a write a post for Twirly Tuesday and see her personality come out!! Yes? lol.  Secondly, amazing regulars on our blog already “know” Nanadwoa (aka Twumwaa) my PA.  She did a fantastic job at the Miss Malaika 2013 pageant and grabbed the 1st runner up spot! Congratulatioins again darl! And me, I’m just learning a few new things to help our past, present and future Purple Twirl clients, vendors and acquaintances have an even more superb experience with Purple Twirl 🙂  So on to today’s post!

Here’s what we’re going to do.  Yes,  we, that means you’re involved in this post.   I’m going to type out a few scenarios and happenings at various weddings and events we have planned in the past BUT I will include a few fictitious comments and YOU have to decide which is true and which is false!  Let’s get competitive!  The first person who gets the right answer gets a FREE hour and a half wedding consultation over lunch!(or Skype)  Exciting!  Let’s do this!

  1. The groom went MIA and was out of reach up until an hour and a half before the ceremony was meant to start.  Reason: he needed his handsome sleep to be able to go through the day.
  2. We set up two reception areas for clients, decor and all, because the bride wanted to make sure that IF it started to rain during the planned outdoor reception, the celebration would still go on inside…it didn’t rain.
  3. Wore black to a wedding
  4. Had to babysit clients little boy while they went for marriage counseling
  5. Me versus toilet, armed with a plunger.  Had to prevent it from overflowing into the room where bride and bridesmaids were getting dressed into their long flowy gowns
  6. Case of the missing cake.  Bride presented her hubby with a fab grooms cake.  Cake went missing after the reception and culprits blamed it on the ants.
  7. Replaced the florist by making the bridal bouquets and centerpieces
  8. We’re magicians.  Wind blew over a centerpiece with colored water and stained everything on the table.  Guests had started trickling in for the reception.  The table disappeared and reappeared, clean and reset, without anyone noticing
  9. Two hours into the reception, no one noticed the DJ wasn’t available, because the band we had hired was so darn good
  10. A 4 year old child (who wasn’t even that tall!) managed to dig his hands into the wedding cake before anyone could reach him!  They’re like ninjas!
  11. Baker was late, very late, in delivering the wedding cake, luckily though, before it was meant to be cut.  It didn’t end there…it was sponge cake and the cake arrived almost tipping over, icing falling off!  Carried the very heavy cake to the hotel kitchen but there wasn’t a freezer big enough to contain it.  Convinced the hotel manager to keep it in a room under air conditioning at the lowest temperature while the pastry chef “fixed” the cake.  Whew!  Bride & Groom didn’t notice anything wrong with the cake.
  12. Superstitious bride believed that placing brooms in a tree would keep it from raining.  So we did just that.
  13. Photographers assistant hadn’t arrived 2 hours into the wedding, so one of us had to play his assistant during the couples exclusive photography session
  14. The couple’s DOG walked down the aisle as part of their bridal team.  Yes, the dog’s name was in the program as well.  What can you say, people love their dogs.
  15. Had to wear the hat of a seamstress and sew a part of the bride’s dress that had come undone.  Emergency kit to the rescue!

Get to guessing! xo

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